You2Yourself (Y2Y) develops methods and algorithms to monitor biomarker profiles in periodic body fluid samples of individuals, to enable the early detection of life-threatening diseases and enhance chances of cure.


Y2Y’s ambition is to change the current reactive nature of healthcare to a proactive system that will allow healthy aging at lower costs.



Between the age of 45 and 75, 27% of the people in the developed world is diagnosed with a form of cancer (WHO). 50% has cardiovascular problems at the age of 75. These diseases typically remain undetected until they cause physical problems associated with serious damage to the affected tissues or spread to distant organs. These diseases are progressive and late stage detection strongly reduces the chances of cure. As a consequence, many patients undergo prolonged, heavy treatments, while dying early or remaining with chronic health impairments. Early stage detection will increase cure rates, reduce patient burden and reduce costs of care during and after treatment.


Y2Y is developing a biomarker-based health-monitoring method that builds on the fact that every individual is unique and so are his/her biomarker profiles. Next Generation Sequencing in blood and urine samples is used to establish personal baseline values at health. This enables sensitive detection
of the changes associated with the onset of disease. The specific biomarkers that change, indicate the nature of the developing disease (e.g. cancer and type). Y2Y develops AI algorithms for the detection of cancer and cardiovascular diseases based on personal biomarker profiles. In order to validate its technology, Y2Y is building a unique biobank of sample series that capture the onset of disease, by collecting periodic samples from a large cohort of healthy people. For more information on our biobank please click on the Stibion section above on this website.


Biomarker-based health-monitoring is expected to take a position in the upcoming segment of consumer healthcare that includes wearable devices such as smart watches and fitness trackers. This segment of the ‘precision health market’ is driven by large tech companies rather than traditional pharma. The growth of this segment is driven by an increasing demand of control over our own health and a growing willingness to pay (patient empowerment).

You2Yourself: For a proactive healthcare system and personal peace of mind