The mission of the Stibion biobank foundation is to enable and support research and development of methods for health monitoring and early detection of disease.

The importance of health monitoring is to change healthcare from a reactive to a proactive nature, and the aim is to detect serious diseases early on before physical problems arise.

Early detection of disease increases the chance of cure, reduces the burden on patients and their environment and lowers the costs for society. Stibion’s ambition is to fill its biobank in the next 4 years with longitudinal urine and blood sample series from at least 10.000 individuals between the ages of 45 and 75; With this collection we aim to enable as much research in the field of health monitoring and early diagnostics as possible and to bring healthy aging within reach of everyone at a lower cost.

Stibion is an independent, non-governmental, non-academic, non-profit foundation that makes urine and blood samples available at cost for research and development in health monitoring and early disease detection. The biobank has been approved by the METC and TCBio of the University Medical Centre in Utrecht and a committee of the TCBio assesses sample requests on quality and objective. The reason for starting the biobank is the Urimon study; A study into the potential of biomarkers in urine and blood for health monitoring. Fore more information about the Urimon study please click on the section Urimon on this website.

Organizations that would like to have more information can contact Stibion via its contact page at