Terms & Conditions

Anyone who uses the services from You2Yourself (Y2Y) has taken note of and agrees to the following conditions:

Conditions for using the services of Y2Y

Use of Y2Y’s services is governed by this agreement. Y2Y is located at Colosseum 65, 7521 PP, Enschede, The Netherlands. Y2Y does not provide medical advice or diagnose. Data about urine and blood values, blood pressure, weight, and other related measurements are used for research and are not used as part of a medical screening.

Participant and physician are responsible for good and accurate registration information. Participant and healthcare professionals are responsible for the security of the data with which they access the services of Y2Y such as Urimon.

The Biobank East Netherlands Foundation (STIBION) owns all rights to the Urimon services. Urimon grants participating healthcare providers a personal, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license to use the Urimon service for the duration of the study. Urimon grants a participant a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the Urimon service.

The user of Urimon is responsible for the security (including a good virus scanner) and integrity of the computer with which the website is consulted.

Y2Y services

Y2Y only uses certified urine collection tubes and blood tubes. Y2Y has taken a whole series of measures to ensure that the data from the Urimon survey questionnaires is stored safely and reliably. Only users with a unique username and password can use the secured website. Data is stored on computer systems that are in a highly secure environment. Y2Y acts in accordance with all national and international rules regarding secured information transfer.

Y2Y acts in accordance with standards such as ‘information security in healthcare, NEN7510, 7511 and 7512’ and standards for the safe use of passwords (NEN12251). Only the participant, treating doctors and the biobank manager have access to the personal data. The participant in the Urimon study must give Urimon explicit permission to store data and make it available to third parties. Data is always provided encrypted so that it cannot be traced back to the participant. Protection of privacy is described in detail in the privacy statement.


Availability of Y2Y services

Y2Y strives for availability of its services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7). For this, Y2Y has taken various technical measures. However Y2Y cannot guarantee that 24/7 availability will be realized in all cases. Y2Y therefore accepts no liability in any form whatsoever, for damage or injury as a result of, or arising from the use or distribution of the information from this website or arising from technical defects.

Reference NLdigital Conditions 2020

In addition to the above, the NLdigital Terms and Conditions 2020 apply to all offers, services and agreements of Y2Y, insofar as they do not contradict the above, as filed with the Central Netherlands District Court, location Utrecht.